Submitting Your Application And Renewal Process

Submitting Your Application

Once your application is complete, please review each section of the application to make sure each piece is filled out and review the checklist provided on the bottom of page 21. 

As a final step, send the application and other materials to:


ATTN: DMR Aquaculture Program

Department of Marine Resources

32 Blossom Lane

Augusta, ME 04330

Once both the application materials and the application fee are received, DMR will send your application to the Army Corp of Engineers and the local lobster zone representative. Individual members of the DMR Aquaculture Program review the application, and contact you with any questions or edits to make. Please be responsive to any questions the DMR Aquaculture Program reviewers may have as the more responsive you are, the faster the application may be approved. After all edits are made, the DMR will make a final decision on your application. Along with their decision, the Army Corp of Engineers will also send along a decision and if approved send you the corresponding documents. You must have both approved licenses before conducting any conservation activities in the space. In addition, the Army Corps will require documents notifying them that the project has been started and when it is finished. 

Renewal Process

Each year, LPA licenses need to be renewed. In the fall of each year, the DMR will provide additional information on how to complete a renewal application and educational requirement. After submitting a renewal application, starting in mid-December each year, the DMR will send you invoices for your renewal fee ($100). You will also be sent information about the mandatory training, either online or in person.