What is Clam Cam?

Clam Cam is an engaged digital media project we developed in partnership with clammers who told us they wanted a way to raise awareness about what it takes to get clams from mud to market to plate. Since early 2015, we have been working with clammers to develop this project and we describe this project in more detail in this paper.

Partners in this project gave us feedback about the Clam Cam website and recommended that we expand the site to include more information about clamming, including the co-management context, culture, and economics. The Mudflat thus builds from Clam Cam to expand the information about the multiple values, stories, and ways of understanding what clamming means.

Check out all of our Clam Cam videos here.

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Clammers wore a small video camera on their chest and dug a hod full of clams.


Explore the full set of Clam Cam videos, photos, and written descriptions

Here are some short clips to give a sense of the rhythms and practices of clamming.