Clam Events

Shellfish community event sign held in Gouldsboro, ME Summer 2021, Photo credit: Gabrielle Hillyer

“Clam events” or events centered on the wild shellfish fishery are ongoing events focused on conservation, restoration, community outreach, and education, among many other themes. These events bring communities together and include fun activities, talks from community leaders, and education opportunities. Throughout the year, these events will be posted to the Maine Clam Event Calendar, and the Maine Clam Event Map, shown below. If you do not see your event posted and would like it highlighted, please contact Gabrielle Hillyer at the MSLN to coordinate.

Types of Events

Conservation Hours – These events are hosted by local shellfish committees, and often include hands on learning about the multiple restoration and conservation projects being developed each year. This could include shoreline cleanups, building and putting out research equipment, or working with harvesters to perform shoreline surveys. These provide a wonderful opportunity for learning about local science, shellfish, and meeting harvesters!

Policy and Management – These events are focused on developing policy and other management related meetings that span the coast. Each event is hosted either by state managers, local managers, or other research groups to talk about ongoing issues within the shellfish fishery and discuss possible policy related solutions. Members of the public are encouraged to attend, listen, and learn more about the forms of management used in the shellfish fishery.

Celebrating Clamming – Celebrating clamming events are diverse and unique focused on all things shellfish. These generally include clam bakes, fundraisers, as well as events where harvesters and other interested members are teaching the community about their livelihoods.

Maine Clam Event Calendar

The calendar below highlights some of the clam-related events happening across the coast. Each meeting event will have more information on a location, links to additional information, and who to contact with any questions. You can also use the map below to find an event near you.

Find an Event Near You

The map below has multiple icons for different events happening around the coast. By clicking on an icon in an area of interest, you can see the description of the event, time, date, and specific location information. The events are color coded into types of meeting described above, where conservation hours are in green, policy and management events are in yellow, and celebrating clamming events are in blue.