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This is a collection of news articles focused on shellfish projects across the coast, water quality, shellfish landings, red tide, and other coastal science news. Please feel free to reach out and suggest articles to post, using the Contact Us page.

Shellfish Projects

Public invited to see clam restoration efforts (2021)

Decade-long effort to protect and revive flats (2021)

Quahogs Sittin’ in the Bags in the Bays (2020)

Shellfish lab finds a home in Bunkers Harbor (2020)

Five projects awarded Maine coastal resilience innovation grants totaling $152K (2020)

How do your clam flats grow? Project to boost clam numbers underway (2020)

Shellfish study highlights changes in Damariscotta River (2020)

Clam re-seeding is latest chapter in ‘cool story told by a clam digger’ (2019)

Water Quality

Maine Water Report (2020) 

DEP Disputes Maine Water is Dirty (2019)  

Some Worry Maine Beaches Are Not Up to Par (2019) 

Unsafe Chemicals Are Reportedly Showing Up In Maine Water (2019)

How are Maine’s Lakes and Rivers Holding their Quality? (2018)

Are industries Polluting Our Water? (2018)

Shellfish Landings

Maine Lobster Landing Down 17% (2020)

Commercial Fishing Landing Data (2019) 

Maine’s Lobster Landing Down 100 Million (2018)

Pollution Closers Impact on Commercial Shellfish Landings (2016)

Red Tide

Low to Moderate Red Tide Bloom Predicted for Maine (2020)

The Future is Here and It’s Helping Us Predict Red Tide (2020)

Red Tides are Lasting Longer In Maine (2019)

Some Resort To Criticizing Testing Due To Longer Red Ride Outbreaks (2019)

Red Tide Causing State Wide Shellfish Farm Closures (2019)

Red Tide Re-Emerging in Maine and Canada (2010)

Coastal Science

Maine Coastal News (2020) 

Tiny Island off of Coast of Maine Could Help Shape How We Make and Use Renewable Energy (2020) 

Maine Season Business Feeling The Harsh Effect Of Covid (2020) 

Maine Coast Heritage Trust (2020) 

Maine Bicentennial Could Mean More Innovation for Maine Coast (2019)