Access in the News

The following is a collection of news articles that provide further context to the threats facing access in coastal spaces in Maine. This list is by no means exhaustive and does not cover all stories that relate to or mention coastal access.

  • Maine’s real estate boom is making it harder for clammers to get to mudflats – This article, written in June 2022 by Ethan Getner of Maine Public, highlights the threats to coastal access for wild clam harvesters and includes the voices of those who are actively working towards creating local solutions. From Lubec to Yarmouth, local leaders and decision makers are working tirelessly to understand local needs and implement tailored solutions.
  • Maine judge affirms that intertidal zone belongs to private property owners– In April of 2021, a group of plaintiffs brought a case to Cumberland County Superior Court, asking for expanded public access to the intertidal zone outside of “fishing, fowling, and navigation”. In the spring of 2022, the court ruled against the plaintiffs, upholding the narrow scope of public access. This case builds upon past precedent and is an ongoing conversation. This article from the Portland Press Herald, provides an overview and a snapshot of the current state of this legal matter.
  • The clamdigger: What you won’t read – Amanda Lyons, a harvester in Lubec, wrote this guest column for the Quoddy Tides in January of 2022. In it, Lyons paints a picture of what life in a coastal community looks like for fishermen and women and provides a unique perspective of the challenges they face.